Author Buzz is not just a place to read about authors or becoming an author, it is also a place to socialise with others who love books.

Social Activity

When you follow people on Author Buzz, you can see their latest updates on your activity feed. You can also change your activity page (logged in users only) and switch between people you are following and all users.

Not only that, but you can filter the activity list to show only blogs, only forums, only status updates… You get the idea.

This is also where your followers will see your updates, blog posts, forum topics, and so forth.

You can find interesting people to follow in our directory of members.


Groups are special subsections of Author Buzz where you can socialise with people on a specific topic. Our help and support section is a group.

Many groups have their own private forum which is only for members of the group.

Due to a couple of technical issues that Matt is working hard to fix, you cannot currently make your own group. But if you want one just ask on the forum and one of the devs will make that happen for you.

Read more about groups in a special guide to groups.


The forums are a place to ask questions and have conversations. Which makes our forums a great place to socialise with writers and readers.

You need to be logged in to reply on the forums.

As the community here at Author Buzz continues to grow the forum admins (just Matt at the moment) will add additional boards to the forums.

Right now we have three forum boards:

You can read more about our forums in the Author Buzz guide to the forums.

Other than socialising what else can I do?

Not in the mood to socialise? No problem, we understand that writers and readers sometimes like to do things on their own. There is lots to see and do on Author Buzz. We’ve prepared a guide to all things Author Buzz.

Author Buzz Guide