About Author Buzz

Author Buzz UK is the passion project of Matthew Brown. Matthew registered the domain name because it seemed like a great idea for a site. Many years later, Matthew felt that he had grown as a developer enough to take a crack at building the dream.

Through trial and error, the site exists as you see it now.

It’s not finished though.

Matthew has a number of really big plans that are proving a lot harder and more time consuming to make. At least to make so they don’t break things or slow the site down too much. What remains are the hard parts. The hard parts are worth doing, even so. They will be more tools for authors to help them promote their books.

Why is Author Buzz UK free?

I wanted to build something that is purely good for the writing and publishing industry. The bigger the Author Buzz community, the more we all equally benefit from it. I can afford to cover the hosting and other behind the scenes aspects. As long as that remains true, Author Buzz will be free.

Matthew Brown