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Writing a page with a title of “Why I am wonderful” can be hard for some authors but if you are going to set up a platform then you need to do a good job of this.

The page itself might be called “about the author”, or simple, “about”. Whatever title you use the aim is the same – to tell anyone who is interested why you are the most interesting person they are ever likely to meet. Or, failing that, why you are worth investing time in for a reader.

In short, you must give testimony to how wonderful you are.

Starting your “I am wonderful” page.

First things first – open whatever editor you use for making such content. That is always the first step for us writers; show up and begin.

Jot down any interesting facts about yourself. Have you ever done any unusual jobs? Are you qualified (or at least trained) in some area? Have you won any awards? Any unique or unusual experiences that you bring to the table should go here.

Your goal here is to show yourself in the best possible light. Tell me the specific and particular ways that are you awesome. This should show me why you were best qualified to write your book when no one else could.

If all you have is that you have lived your life, then talk about that.

Address the themes of your book or books

You, better than anyone, should know the themes that your writing covers. Note your own connection to those themes. This is solid evidence in the case that is your “I am wonderful” page

  • How have you lived them?
  • What draws you back to them?
  • Why do you understand these themes?
  • When and where have you encountered them before?
  • How have these themes effected you?

Other work?

Authors often feel that they have to list everything they have ever had published. That is not the case for this page. Mention only the work of which you are most proud. Consider items accepted for prestigious titles.

If you have ever made it to the top of a best-sellers list, mention that.

Other ideas

If you come up short on things to say about yourself it can help to fall back on something. These ideas are not especially remarkable but could be told that way depending on your skill as a writer. Unless you manage to make them sound very interesting or related to your themes, replace these topics with better ones as you think of them.

  • Your siblings and position in the birth order.
  • Where you went to school.
  • Where you grew up.
  • The decades of your childhood.
  • Which incarnation of Doctor Who was “your” doctor?
  • Which authors influenced you the most.
  • When you first got interested in writing.
  • Your first jobs.
  • Your connection to locations used your stories.

Now, make it flow

The final task is to make the content of your “why I am wonderful” page flow. Only you can do that. Show off your very best writing skills.

It may be worth revisiting this page every few months. Not only to check the writing is perfect but to remind yourself that you are the author for the job.

Go tell the world that you are wonderful.

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Matthew is a writer and geek from Kent (UK). He is the founder and current chair of Thanet Creative as well as head geek for Author Buzz. His ambitions include appearing in some future incarnation of TableTop with Wil Wheaton and seeing a film or TV series based on something he wrote. Matt is also responsible for fixing stuff here when it breaks.

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