How to claim your blog

Have you claimed your (free) Author Buzz blog and community builder yet? If not, Claim yours today.

Author Buzz UK is not just a networking site for readers and authors, it is also a blogging network. Built using WordPress, Author Buzz offers our members a blog to build their authorial platform.

Why use an Author Buzz Blog?

For authors, blogging provides the best way to connect with fans and potential readers. By using an Author Buzz blog you gain instant access to a growing community of interested readers. Your blog updates will appear in your activity stream alerting followers when you publish an update. That means you will already have a head start over other authors who start off all alone and have to build a following from scratch.

  • Instant audience
  • Reach interested readers
  • Active tech support
  • Community support (forums)
  • Cutting edge SEO and anti-spam plugins
  • Actively maintained
  • Instant legitimacy

How to claim your blog.


Blogs now come with a community builder built in. We call this community builder Author Buzz Groups and anyone can start one.

When you start a group you have the option to create a blog to go with it. Whenever you update your blog, your group’s subscribers will be updated too.

You can even allow the members of your group to participate in the blog and control what level of access they can have.

Start your group today and create your author or community blog. Click here to begin.

What to do after you claim your blog?

Once you have your blog you can do whatever you think is best with it. We suggest that you post regular updates – at least once a week.

You can also:

  • Easily organise and display your portfolio of books with Novelist
  • Display your progress towards your next novel
  • Create dedicated pages
  • Choose from our range of customised themes
  • Create a dedicated repository of creative writing with WriteShare
  • Schedule posts for later
  • Add additional contributors

Need help with your blog?

It happens to us all. We start something and run into a wall. Not to worry, our growing community is here to help. The fastest help comes from explaining what you are trying to do, what you expected, and what actually ended up happening. That way we have all the basic information to offer you top quality support.

Requesting new themes

Not able to find a theme that you like? Not to worry just head over to and identify which theme you like the look of and our developers will do their best to get that theme added to our library.

If you want to purchase a premium theme there are a couple of technical issues that we need to take into account. Talk to us first and we will try to make that happen for you.

Claim your blog today

By the time you have finished setting up your group, your new blog will be ready for you. Start now.