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Author Buzz profiles are perfect for writers and authors. They are designed to be easily indexed by search engines and we are busy adding different ways that you can showcase all your books and find new readers who would love to read them.

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If you love to read and want to keep up with all the news from your favourite author then Author Buzz is perfect for you. We are busy adding different ways that you can keep tabs on the latest news from and about your favourite authors.

You can also chat and make friends with fellow fans as well as discover authors that are similar to the ones you already love.

Reader profiles are free.

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If you are an author or you just love reading it is free and easy to get a profile on Author Buzz.

If you are an author, your profile will help raise your public presence and should increase the chances of your being discovered by people searching for you.

If you love reading then you have come tot he right place to find great new authors and interact with fellow readers.

There are two ways to create a profile.

with a WordPress account

sign upIf you are already a WordPress user, then there is no need to sign up just hit login and your profile will be created as soon as you are logged in with your WordPress account.

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If you have never used WordPress or you don’t want to use your WordPress account then you can create a site only account. Just use the “Register” link next to the login button.


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