Discover new blogs, new authors, new books. There is so much to find on Author Buzz that we had to make a guide just to list them all.

Author blogs

Many of our members maintain interesting and varied blogs. You can discover artists, writers’ groups, authors and so much more. For example, Matt (our lead developer) maintains the Author Buzz developer blog.

The most recent updates are shown in the sidebar in many areas of the website.

The full list can be found here.

Authors, readers, and fans

Our members are a varied lot. You are bound to find plenty of interesting people to follow. You can discover new people to follow in our list of public profiles. It is found right here.

Advice and author news

As if by magic, our front page is updated regularly with news about authors and with advice for authors. Site news can be browsed in a sperate page, here.

Services and support

There are groups and forums for asking for different types of support but if you need something a bit more specialised, then our directory has you covered. We have listings for agents, editors, beta readers, and so much more.

Interesting conversations

If conversation if your thing, we have you covered. Our forums are the place to drop in and say hi.

We’ve written a guide to getting the most from the forums.

Why not browse the site and see if something catches your eye. We think it will.