Your Profile: It is all about you

Your profile is where it all happens. Here you can tell the world about yourself and draw attention back to whatever it is you are interested in.

Right now profiles are pretty basic but we will be adding a lot to them over the next year.

This page is part of the user guide to Author Buzz. If you have any suggestions for improvements please share them in the forums.


This is where your, or the person who’s profile you are looking at, stream of activity is found. This includes:

  • blog posts
  • status updates
  • forum posts
  • public group posts
  • profile changes

You can post to your activity stream directly. there should be a box that says “what’s new?” and you type what you want to say in there. Right now it is as basic as it gets. You can output text but that’s about it. This is not Facebook. Not yet anyway.

Show me only…

You can change what an activity is shown. If you just want to see what the user has been doing in the forums, or only see blog posts, or whatever just select that from the dropdown and the page will refresh with just the content you want to see.


This is the bit that is all about you. Right now it’s a bit limited but you can add a few details. Skip down to “Edit” to find out how to change your profile.

Your profile includes your bio, profile iamge, activity feed and an option for others to follow you.

Pretty much everything we will be creating for Author Buzz will in some way tie back to your profile. It is important. Make a good one.

My Books

This section does not currently exist.

This is one of those there features under development. We are still working on this bit.


All your Author Buzz blogs in one place.

Author Buzz has the option to allow users to run one or more WordPress blogs. Eventually, we will allow automatic signup and creation but right now, if you want an Author Buzz blog, you will have to ask for one.

This section should include all the blogs you started and any blogs that you are a member of.

Here is an example of what it will look like.


When the notification icon lights up on your tool bar (top right) you have a notification. All your notifications can be found under this tab. Make them all as read and the icon with fade out on your toolbar only to light up again when you have a new notification.


We are not sure if we are keeping this feature.

This is where private messages between users can be found.


Never miss an important update again. Like an author, then follow them. Anyone you follow will have their activity appear in the Activity page under the “following” tab.


How popular are you? Find out by looking at who follows you.


Here you will find a list of all the groups you are a member of (assuming this is your own profile you are looking at). Each group shows when the last activity in the group happened.

We recommend joining the Help and Support group


Keep track of all the posts you (or another person) has made in the forums. That all appears under the forums tab on each profile.


This is where you can update your email address and change your password.

You can also see an overview of your profile visibility (privacy settings).


This feature needs more work.

With this tab, you can view your own profile. It looks a bit rough at the moment. If you feel like helping us make improvements then please drop by the forums and make yourself known.


This is where you can change your profile. As we add new fields, more features and so forth, this is where you can take advantage of all that.

Each field has a privacy setting. You can make them visible only to you, only to members, or to everyone. The default is everyone can see it.

You can edit your profile from the edit tab while you are viewing your profile or from the drop-down menu on your toolbar.

Change Profile Photo

This is where you can upload a new profile image, crop it if need be, and show the world what you look like.

Change Cover Image

A cover image is just a nice way to customise your profile. The theme settings will decide how much of the image is shown and as we are changing quite a lot at the moment, this is likely to change a bit. Pick an image that looks okay cropped.