Author Buzz Groups

This page (about groups) is part of the user guide to Author Buzz. If you have any suggestions for improvements please share them in the forums.

A group of peopleGroups are where you can connect with like-minded members. Some suggested uses for groups include:

  • A private group to keep your writing circle appraised of meetups
  • A public fan group for fans of a particular genre or author.
  • A closed group so you can vet who joins, for example, for a project team

Right now we only have four groups and only site admins can add new groups. However, we plan to allow all members to make groups soon. The group adding functions are a bit hit and miss and they are not ready for general use.

Features of groups

Not all groups are the same. While most have forums not all do and some groups have different formats or have additional pages. This allows groups to be highly customisable and once we are happy that the group making interface works properly we are hopeful that you will find a great many uses for groups.

  • Banner images
  • Optional Forums
  • Optional Pages
  • Activity Stream
  • Can be open, closed, or private
  • Admins can appoint moderators
  • Endlessly customisable