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    I’m thinking of setting up a blog.

    I’ve seen that bloggers sometimes put up pages (which I assume are different to posts) with key information. How do I do that and what pages do I need?


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    Matthew Brown

    I’ve just started looking into this myself.

    My advice would be to think about what you need to say to potential readers. At the very least I would suggest a “why I am wonderful” page (aka “about me”). I’d also think about a press pack – images, quotes, and so forth that a press enquiry might need.

    Here’s a post on creating an about page.

    Why I am wonderful

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    Is it just an about page that I need?

    Are there any others?

    I guess that a contact page goes without saying.

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    Matthew Brown

    The answer is “it depends”.

    I would strongly suggest that an about the author page is vital and I would agree some form of contact page is a good idea.

    Other than that you might want to think about how you present your books. The two options that most people seem to go for are a post category or a page per book (for SEO). That said, many authors list all their books on a single page. At the very least, you should have somewhere for people who are interested to look up your books.

    My recommendation is this:

    Create a page called something like “My books” and write a summary of each book. Include a cover image too.

    Then make each book its own page. Here, you should go into more detail. Talk about themes, books in the series that come before (or follow on after). And always end with links to places to buy the book.

    I would make these pages “children” of the “My books” page. Go back to the parent page and add to the of each book’s description a “read more” call to action that links to the book’s page. I would also include at least one “buy it now” link to Amazon or where-ever you are getting good sales.

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