New visual editor for blogs

Today Author Buzz UK began the test rollout of the Gutenberg editor. You can try it right now on your Author Buzz blog. The next time you go to “new post” you will be greeted by the words:

Welcome to the wonderful world of blocks!

Start of the tour text

Gutenberg treats everything – paragraphs, headings, videos – as blocks. You can insert as many of these blocks as you want or just start typing and let the editor figure it out for you.

Rather than have a big toolbar always hanging about above your writing, the toolbar will appear only when it is needed. Rather than worrying about codes and what-not, now you can focus on creating content.

The entire editing experience has been rebuilt for media-rich pages and posts. It works on all screen sizes and devices. Now more than ever, what you write in the editor is what your readers will see on your blog.

Any questions?

We are pretty sure that Gutenberg will work smoothly with all types of blog and each of the existing modules and plugins. However, if there is an issue, try to grab a screenshot of the problem and post an entry in our Help and Support group. 

About Matthew Brown

Matthew is a writer and Geek from Kent (UK). He is the founder and current chair of Thanet Creative as well as head geek for Author Buzz. His ambitions include appearing on TableTop with Wil Wheaton and seeing a film or TV series based on something he wrote.

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