Author Buzz UK Updated

Our tiny team of computer geeks (Matt) has been hard at work making improvements to the site.

You should notice that the site is fractionally faster, looks a little more polished, and is a bit fuller featured.

WYSIWYG is back

Some time ago we had to admit defeat and turned the nice graphical interface off for the forums. This was because no matter what we did it pointedly refused to work. Well, thanks to the updates today, that is no longer the case.

We noticed that you have tended to stay clear of the forums. We don’t blame you. They were a bit unexciting to use without the modern editor. That’s why we are pleased to tell you that the editor is back.

New Templates

We’ve got all new templates for your news feed, members list, and profile area. Not only do these solve a few irritating shortcomings but we happen to think they look nicer too.

Bugs Squashed

While we were at it, we have been looking at some bugs that no one seemed to notice except us. OR maybe you did notice and were too polite to mention. Either way, we went ahead and fixed them too.

We’ve been beta testing a whole bunch of interesting features which can be used to connect with real-world events and encourage┬ápeople to really get involved in your blog out in the real world. We’ve used what we learned from those tests to come up with fixes to some minor irritations which we have applied.

Functionally everything should be about the same as before. Just faster, more reliable, and nicer looking.

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