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    Christian Writer

    I hope this does not seem rude but I have a suggestion. What about making lots of groups for different fandoms of authors? Would that not get people interested in coming here?

    Just an idea.


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    Matthew Brown

    I’d like to do that. I probably would have but as we are an author blogging site I’d like to find authors with blogs and that’s proving quite tricky. Lots of US authors have blogs, UK authors are harder to find.

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    We can help with that. And by “we” I mean us members.

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    Jason Latnar

    I made one for J. K. Rowling. I was able to find the feed URL for her blog – our group has author headlines!

    Just need members now…

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    Matthew Brown

    Please feel free to keep going with this project. Active fans are always good for us authors.

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