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    Matthew Brown

    Just a reminder that we are still in need of further beta testers.

    So far beta testers have identified and enabled us to fix the following issues

    * Signup emails – I am pretty confident they are now working
    * Front page banner links – we added a CTA to make them more obvious
    * Directory – added

    I am also working on a complex plugin to bridge a number of minor issues.

    Keep the reports coming in but please, please do encourage your friends to also sign up. Beta testing works best when there are more of us.

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    Jason Latnar

    Me, me – pick me.

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    Matthew Brown

    That’s what I like to see. Enthusiasm. I love your can-do attitude, my friend.

    You’ve already signed up. So now just use stuff on the site and let us know if there are any areas we can make better.

    Make a new post for each thing.

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    Jason Latnar


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