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    Christian Writer

    What are some good ways to go about getting relevant traffic to my blog? I seek visitors interested in talking about Christian Theology but how to get them?

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    Matthew Brown

    That is a big question, Christian. Sadly there is not a simple and quick answer to your question but there are answers to the questions that lead up to it.

    First and foremost make sure you have quality content that will be interesting to potential readers. I’ve seen your blog and think you probably have that covered.

    What you are effectively asking is how do you increase your readership base:

    How do I increase my readership base?

    Have you read my post about the one character authors never talk about?

    The one character authors never talk about

    This character is, of course, your reader. You should get to know them – at least in theory. You seem to know what sort of reader you want but can you learn (or work out) more about them? What are the reader’s needs? what do they look for? What unanswered questions can you address? Where do they go looking for the sort of information you provide?

    When you have in mind your “hidden character” (reader) and actively satisfy whatever itch that sort of reader has that needs scratching, diffusion should do the rest for you. Literally amaze, please, and satisfy your readers and they will share with other people like them.

    How diffusion could sell more of your books

    To tie all that together.

    How do you reach readers not looking for new books?

    One often overlooked technique to just reach out to new readers is to find similar blogs and write for them:

    How to score free publicity as an author

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