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Our tiny team of computer geeks (Matt) has been hard at work making improvements to the site. You should notice that the site is fractionally faster, looks a little more polished, and is a bit fuller featured. WYSIWYG is back Some time ago we had to admit defeat and turned […]

Author Buzz UK Updated

There is a worrying trend in the UK where publishers have started to demand that authors hand over all moral rights to a work. Your moral rights include the right to be known as the author of your work. Writer Joanne Harris points out on her Tumblr blog that the […]

The worrying trend of selling your moral rights

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You have heard it enough while you were writing – show, don’t tell – but did you know it applies to blogs as well? A mistake a lot of bloggers make, me included, is to tell readers what we want them to know. We do it even more if we […]

Authors when you blog, show, don’t tell

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I figure that it is about time for me to talk about why Author Buzz UK exists and what I hope the site will do for myself and everyone who joins us here. History of Author Buzz UK I have owned the domain name (on and off). The first time […]

My Vision for Author Buzz UK

Back in April the BBC told us that some authors are going “audio only”. Is audio only publishing something more authors should do or is it just a fad? What is audio only publishing? Audio only is exactly what you think. Publishing only in audiobook format. Traditionally when we talk […]

Is it worth going audio only?

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Did you know there are two ways to get your blog listed on Author Buzz and, if you are an author, you can do both? Just a link, thank you If all you want is a link then I suggest you head over to our directory. There is a section […]

Two ways to get your blog listed on Author Buzz

While Author Buzz features a global activity page where you can catch up with the users and groups you have followed, you have a personal activity page too. while this is not exactly the worlds most exciting topic, I thought I’d write about it so you know the options you have […]

Overview of your activity stream

Blogging is not easy – especially if you want to use it to sell books – but these advanced blogging tips for successful authors should help you sell more books with your blog. First, what is a successful blog? These days, successful authors are usually blogging authors but having a […]

12 Advanced blogging tips for successful authors

Being an author is hard and newbie author mistakes are bound to happen. However, the more you can avoid and the sooner you can avoid them, the better your chances of success. There are so many self-proclaimed authors out there, so many new books, that you only need one bad […]

Author mistakes that make you look like a newbie

Today I am going to break the silence and talk about the one character authors never ever discuss and yet we all need to use. This character never ever appears (directly) in any novel. They do not get a name. No one knows them even though book sales depend on […]

The one character authors never talk about

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Calls for submissions are where a lot of writers pick up paid work. While some calls pay very poorly others can be quite generous.  On the whole, the more a publication is willing to pay the higher the standard of work they produce. For example, a site offering £5 an […]

Calls For Submissions: A Round Up