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Bug Report: Docs: "Create Doc" does not appear to work from groups

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    Just been testing stuff and create Doc does not appear to work. It leads to the archives page for docs but that’s it. I can not figure out what is wrong other than that. Hope that’s not too big a deal.

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    Matthew Brown

    I am working on this but I have not yet figured out what the problem is. It is very frustrating but I am working on it.

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    Matthew Brown

    I think this may be another bug that will have been solved by the move to the new template system. As soon as I have run some tests and am 100% happy that it all works, I will re-add this feature to the community.

    I should warn you that as exactly no one has asked about it in quite some time, I am treating this as a low priority issue. If you really cannot wait, let me know but, otherwise, I will get to it when I can.

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    Matthew Brown

    I gave docs a trial run under the new template system. I cannot get them to work and have deactivated them again. To be honest, there is no pressing need for them and, at present, a wiki (which builds on docs) seems more than is needed.

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