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    I saw an advert for some pricy editorial services today and that got me thinking. When my novel is finished is it worth paying for an editor or a proofreader?

    Is there any value in something like that? I get my writers’ group to go over the MS in beta reading. That’s the same thing (more or less).

    Just wondering what other people thought.

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    Matthew Brown

    Bta readers are good and useful. Especially in the early stages of novel revision. In fact, I offer a paid beta reading service myself because I believe they can make a huge difference. However beta readers are not always the best proofreaders and editors are, again, a separate and special breed of helpful persons.

    I covered the differences a while back. Rather than go over the same ground again, I’ll just drop a link.

    Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Beta Reading

    My personal opinion is that you would be mad not to get professional editing support. At the very least, if you self-publish, you should get a proofreader.


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