Author Buzz is pleased to announce a new experiment – the Say Blog. Say is a mix of author quotes, publisher insights, and member opinion. It is open to all members to express their opinion on whatever topic they might wish as well as sharing news on interesting things UK […]

The Say Blog   Recently updated!

Using Twitter
Would it not be amazing if you could prepare a large number of tweets and have them posted to twitter gradually – a few every day? What about if that same method improved reputation management and SEO too while allowing you to reach another audience segment. There are tools that […]

A twitter scheduling trick to increase social reach

Few authors are able to write full time and most of us consider our career a failure. Why is that and what can we do about it? I wrote in my personal blog that I was going to spend this year looking at what authors and writers do that fail. […]

Why authors fail (I think)   Recently updated!

When you run a blog, maintaining a publishing schedule can seriously increase its effectiveness. The WordPress Editorial Calendar is one such way to manage this task. The editorial calendar is something we added right after the last big update. It is a tool to help you plan your posts, and […]

Use the calendar to plan your posts

girls whisper
You may have heard of reputation management perhaps as a part of an SEO tutorial but do you know it can be an important part of self marketing for authors? When it comes to online marketing the search results for your own name or brand are your reputation. Ethically questionable […]

What authors need to know about reputation management

Short stories are, I feel, an underappreciated tool available to novelists. Not only can writing short form fiction offer a refreshing change of pace but they can be used to both earn money and promote yourself as an author. Here are some of the surprising applications of short stories to […]

Using short stories as a novelist

Author Buzz has a few ways you can track your writing progress on your blog. WP Progress Bar If you just want a nice progress bar for your posts, then this is the plugin for you. It creates beautiful and easily customised progress bars. If you want to represent information […]

Track writing progress on your blog

We’ve doubled the file storage limit and increased the maximum files size. As Author Buzz settles into its new home, we’ve been able to expand just how much we offer you. As part of that, we have doubled the total file storage available to blogs for images and other media. […]

Bigger files and more of them

As 2018 comes to an end, here are ten possible new year resolutions for authors to make. 1. Set realistic goals for yourself Realistic goals mean that you can sensibly hope to meet them. Meeting goals helps you feel accomplished and can fend off those feelings of imposter syndrome we […]

Ten new year’s resolutions for authors

If you want to sell more books, sooner or later you will have to communicate with people who buy books. Specifically the kind of people who buy your books. You are, for the main, limited to selling within your own platform. That means that if you want to sell books, […]

How and why to generate leads with your blog

As part of the changes we have been talking about on the dev blog, Author Buzz UK and all of your blogs, now have a free SSL certificate. You don’t have to do anything, it has all been done for you. All blogs have been switched over to use HTTPS […]

Now with free SSL

blow your own trumpet
Today Author Buzz UK began the test rollout of the Gutenberg editor. You can try it right now on your Author Buzz blog. The next time you go to “new post” you will be greeted by the words: Welcome to the wonderful world of blocks! Start of the tour text […]

New visual editor for blogs