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We understand that running an agency can be hard work. While we can't make publishers any easier to approach we can help you find a better class of client.

Agents, do you want all of this?

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  • Reach authors with an active platform
  • Get fresh leads from real people
  • Improve your SEO with a high authority link
  • Promote your agency to your target market
  • Proactive authors that know how to self-promote
  • A presence in an author-led community
  • Get it all for free!

We have the authors you are looking for

At Author Buzz, we know that authors with an active and viable platform are easier to sell. We specialising in helping authors build platforms.

We have the authors you are looking for.

Promote your agency to our authors before someone else does.

Authors regularly check our director looking for agents. We receive far more requests for more agents to be added to the directory than for any other feature.

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Matthew is a writer and Geek from Kent (UK). He is the founder and current chair of Thanet Creative as well as head geek for Author Buzz. His ambitions include appearing on TableTop with Wil Wheaton and seeing a film or TV series based on something he wrote.