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As an author, what can I do to increase my readership base? Are there things I should (or should not) be doing to get more regular readers? This is pretty much the question that I recently attempted to answer. Vishwa asks on Writers’ Stack Exchange: I recently started writing a […]

How do I increase my readership base?

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How authors blog successfully is supposed to be a mystery but I am about to give you Seth Godin’s secrets for beating the mystery. I don’t know about you, but I find most author blogs instantly forgettable. All you need to do then, as an author, is not be instantly […]

How authors blog successfully (according to Seth Godin)

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If you have ever run an Author Page on Facebook, you will know that getting views can be very hard. Here are five tips for authors trying to get a bit more attention on Facebook. 1. Start conversations Facebook has realised that there are now more posts than people can […]

5 Facebook tips for authors

The response to our post about the possible effects of Brexit on UK publishing was so astounding that I felt it deserved a post of its own. To recap, we reported that publishers in the UK are worried about the effect of Brexit on the publishing industry. Currently, the UK […]

The response to our Brexit post

Newton by William Blake
William Blake was an English poet, painter, and printmaker who went pretty much unnoticed during his own lifetime. Later, of course, things change. Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. William Blake’s work was neglected for a generation after […]

William Blake remembered

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In part one, we started to look at the world of self-publishing. In part two we are going to look at some of the many disciplines needed to make a success of self-publishing. Self-publishing is here to stay. As a growing part of the publishing world, self-publishing is not something […]

Self-Publishing: Everything you need to know – part 2

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According to The Guardian, Brexit could usher in a dark chapter for British authors. They report that Nigel Newton, the chief executive of Bloomsbury, is deeply concerned that Brexit could mean a much worse deal for all but star authors. British publishers will be forced to focus on keeping their star […]

Brexit may be bad for authors

As the new year starts and we are all focusing on new things, I thought we’d take a look at some new books out at the moment. There Was A Time by Frank White There was a time is a novel set in an English village at a turning point of […]

3 New Book Releases

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One of our longtime members, Bob, asks, “Must one have a blog before one publishes a book?” Bob, goes on to ask if a blog is the same as a platform. I’m going to answer that right now. Do I need a blog? There is no rule in the world […]

Do authors need a blog before they publish?

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Authors, before you had a following, do you remember how that first comment felt? What about your first subscriber? Or realising you had your first true fan? The chances are those first felt pretty good. If you have your head screwed on right, what you did was pay attention to […]

A secret for building a following

As authors, we are inclined to think that we know how to write – the truth is most author blogs fail. The fact is most people will not see the end of your article and a lot of people will never scroll at all. That means that you must get […]

Why author blogs fail

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There is an alternative funding model for authors. We are all familiar with the standard author funding model. Write a book, promote the book, sell books… But that is not the only game in town. The alternative funding model takes a little outside of the box thinking and is not […]

An alternative funding model for authors