I don’t have any specific figures to show you but my guess is that less than 1% of readers are actively searching for new books. The sad state of author earnings suggests that readers stick to authors they already know and trust. Which explains that the tactics for selling books […]

How do you reach readers not looking for new books?

It seems to me that publishers have yet to discover bloggers. Maybe we should help them? Over the last few months, I searched out every publisher I could find and sent them a similar email. In that email, I said who I was and that I wanted to write about authors […]

It’s time for publishers to discover bloggers

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There is a way of getting free publicity as an author which is so easy it is a wonder more people don’t use it. Blogs, such as this one, are often hungry for something to write about. All you have to do is feed your news to us in an […]

How to score free publicity as an author

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Did you know that URL structure can make a difference in search traffic? Although minor URL structure can have a cumulative impact on SEO. URLs are one area that most people setting up an author blog forget about. One thing that I did not cover when I wrote A Definitive Guide on […]

Let’s talk about URL structure for author blogs

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Most author blogs are abject failures as far as marketing and promotion are concerned. This is actually great news for you because it means, if you get the basics right, the competition will be scarce. Why author blogs fail As far as I can tell, there are three common reasons […]

A Definitive Guide on How to Start Blogging as an ...

blow your own trumpet
Writing a page with a title of “Why I am wonderful” can be hard for some authors but if you are going to set up a platform then you need to do a good job of this. The page itself might be called “about the author”, or simple, “about”. Whatever title you […]

Why I am wonderful

Facebook toxic
Social media – like Facebook and Twitter – help authors but we need to periodically detox Facebook to get the best out of it. Recently, I took my Facebook account through a detox and I was amazed at how much more productive I was able to become. As a side […]

Detox Facebook to become a better writer

We have finished polishing the blog sign up process and Author Buzz UK is now ready for community creation. Today two new features have been open to the public. User blogs and group creation. Groups Groups allow you to create a mini community. You can create groups about whatever you […]

Group and blog registration is live

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Who would miss you? If your blog was deleted tomorrow and you and all your books were replaced by pod people, who would notice?  Thanet Creative have told us that we are in the middle of Doppelganger Week. (I know because I wrote the post). That got me thinking – if […]

Who would miss you when you are gone?

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a new release by first-time author Stuart Turton. Here at Author Buzz UK, we love seeing new authors getting into print. Which is why we are excited by the news of first-time author Stuart Turton’s book. Readers that pay very close attention will know that I […]

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

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There is a theory of the spread of technology called the diffusion of innovations and it could help you sell more books. According to the theory, most people are resistant to the idea of trying something new. For example, a new technology or a new author. However, word-of-mouth recommendations overcome this […]

How diffusion could sell more of your books

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There seems to be a significant gender bias in publishing in this country. We ask if the UK publishing world is one ruled by sexism? Unfair attitudes In 2015, The Guardian published the story of a female author who showed that gender was getting more consideration than talent. Catherine submitted […]

The problem of gender bias in publishing