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One of the questions I get asked a lot is, what is Author Buzz? When people ask me that what they are really asking is why should I use Author Buzz? Today I want to talk about two parts of Author Buzz that I feel have the potential to make […]

Why should I use Author Buzz UK?

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There is a principle that┬ástates that if you have not documented something then it might as well not exist. We have taken that to heart and have started work on what we hope will be a definitive guide to using Author Buzz. When you are busy creating new features and […]

The Grand Tour

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Attention authors, writers, and people who love books. Do you like to get in early and have a go with things before everyone else?┬áDo you want to play with all the shiny new toys? Do you want to get in before the rush? In short, are you amazing? The answer […]

Become a beta tester

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One of the partners in this project is a charity from Thanet Kent called Thanet Creative Writers. It was in a group discussion at one of their regular “Tea and Chat” events that the idea for this site first came up. Thanet Creative Writers (often abbreviated to TCW) exists to […]

Introducing Thanet Creative Writers

Author Buzz UK is a new website for authors, writers, and readers. The vision for Author Buzz The vision for the Author Buzz project is to support UK based authors in reaching audiences; to help readers connect with their favourite British writers, and to encourage writers that want to be […]

Introduction to Author Buzz UK