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    I don’t mean to complain but there’s a lot of spam about. Any chance of a “report spam” button?

    Same goes for those football-obsessed spam groups that keep getting added.

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    Matthew Brown

    I generally catch the spam pretty quickly but I look into some sort of user moderation toolset if you like.

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    Jason Latnar

    FYI: There is another spam group “Chiropractors Attention Tips You Need To Know About”.

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      Matthew Brown

      Great minds…

      I think you must have been reporting this while I was marking the user as spam. The spam group has gone now.

      Like I said, I usually get them pretty quickly. The spammers really should just give up.

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    Matthew Brown

    Today I hardened this site against spam registrations.

    As of now certain email domains which have been used exclusively for spam will be silently rejected. While this will not stop all spam, it should slow it down.

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