How did you develop the idea for your current work in progress?

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    Matthew Brown

    Let’s talk about works in progress (WIP).

    How did you develop the ideas for your current WIP?

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    Bob Bobson

    Hard work.

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    Matthew Brown

    I’m currently working on a comedy sci-fi set in space.

    The idea started as a three-page description of all the ways the squad of unit Treble-Six were useless. Beta readings saw people laughing several times a page but I was stuck on developing it. So it sat and gathered dust for a year or so.

    Then one day a friend and I binge watched a lot of Archer. That put me in the right mood to present a story about a dysfunctional group of “heroes”. In no time I had turned a treatment into a chapter and a half of actual story. After that, as Bob says, hard work.

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    I asked a lot of “what if” questions.

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    Matthew Brown

    “What if” is a powerful question.

    That reminds me, I plan to write a post along similar lines…

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    Burty Burtman

    Day dreaming. So much daydreaming.

    Let your mind wander. Every day.

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