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In one of the many online groups that I am in someone started a discussion about blogs. Before you could say “I blog too” there was a huge list of blogs being shared. If ever there was a hint from above and beyond that now was a good time to promote some great blogs, this was it.

Obviously, I could not possibly list all the blogs. There were just so many of them. I hope though, that these ten blogs inspire you to read more books.

10 Writer/Author blogs

It should go without saying that these blogs are in no particular order. This is just the order I happened to stumble upon them.

It might not be obvious, but as a dyslexic, I judge things on how easy they are to read. Ease of reading for me, it turns out, tends to equate pretty well with the quality of writing. If I say a blog was easy to read this is a huge compliment.

The Writers’ Block

This is a blog by 9 American writers. It contains a mix of writings. The about page promises “This blog is a platform where all forms of writing will be critiqued, shared, and discussed.”

The writing is really rather good and, despite the font choice, easy to read.

The blog of Clayton Zeimet

From the moment I arrived on this blog, I liked it. Clayton’s writing is easy to read (which is half the battle). I lost more time than I can to mention looking at his posts.

He writes: “I’m a daddy and hard-working husband. I’m also a student who has a deep love for writing all sorts of things. I’m also one of those Jesus people with a heart for social issues.”

The Million Words.

The Million Words is written by 8 authors. It follows the age-old adage that to become a brilliant writer you need to write one million words. By that marker, I am about three-quarters of the way there (give or take a bit).

Juggling Teacups: A blog about Writing, Art, and Cats

This is a blog by a writer with a very long list of works in progress. I cannot tell you much about her other than the fact we share a love of cats and cups of tea. Clearly, an amazing person, if that is any guide.

Tori Stories: Tales of Romance, Crime and Fantasy.

As the name suggests, you will find stories containing romance, crime, and fantasy. Well, romance and fantasy anyway. (The crime category was empty when I visited).

The about section did not tell me much about the author of these stories but it did promise that “you will never be bored”.

azfive9.com: Attila Zønn’s blog.

Another American writer (seems to be today’s theme). I could not resist including it in this list because it was just so readable.

I had to force myself to stop reading or this post would never have been written. That is about as high a praise as I can give.

  • You might like to read: Alex, part seven (which has some very well realised characters).

Nitty Gritty Writer

Tammy Bird is an author working with an editor to get his first book ready for publication. I can already tell from the quality (and ease of reading) that this is someone who is ready for publication. Follow this blog now so you can claim you were a fan before Tammy was famous.

Tammy Bird mostly blogs about the things he has learned as he followed his dream of becoming a writer.

Steve P Lee Author’s Blog

This is a blog is a sci-fi author. Steven P Lee is from the UK (top-notch, sir) and has, I gather, written two books. The first (self-published) is out already and from what I read on his blog, the other is about to be available too.

If Steve happens to notice this blog post I would like to invite him to write an article about self-publishing and his experiences with it.

Ryan Stark

Ryan Stark is the pen name of British author Austen Gower. Austin (as Ryan) writes “crime fiction with a gritty realism”. If the ease of reading of the blog posts are anything to go by, his books should be a great read too.

Covenant of Arcana

This is the blog of an independent British comic book author. While browsing the blog I did not catch a name but I did see a post which includes some comic script writing samples.

Over to you

I love to discover new writers’ blogs. If you are a writer and have a blog please think about writing a post and linking to this one – your readers may thank you and (assuming you use a modern blogging system) the ping will let us discover you too.

Let’s get chatting (in the comments).

  • Which of these blogs did you enjoy the most?
  • Have you heard of any of these writers before?
  • Do you like finding authors before they are famous too?

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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